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Varese pursuing new horizons

The masterpieces on show at Villa Menafoglio Litta Panza, a 18th-century stately home set in an ancient park now belonging to the Italian Environmental Fund, are worth the trip on their own.

Yet no matter where you go on the hills of Biumo, Varese looks utterly resplendent. The views are framed by the backdrop of the pre-Alps, while the urban scenery is dotted with parks and sumptuous Art Nouveau villas. Surely, even the most hurried of passers-by cannot fail to be charmed by the Garden City.

Fancy spending a whole weekend searching out the best views? Then head to the “Sentiero 360” path, which links seven spectacular lookout points in the regional park “Parco dei Fiori” above the city (download the app with interactive maps).

Another stunning window on Varese is the Mosè terrace, which falls within the Sacro Monte di Varese route – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – and goes all the way up to Santa Maria del Monte (which can be reached by funicular).

After visiting the chapels, designed in the late Mannerist style by the architect Giuseppe Bernascone, who was also known as Il Mancino (The Leftie), you will certainly have earned yourself a rest. And where better than the terrace of the legendary café at the Borducan? It’s the perfect, Art Nouveau farewell.

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