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The Cloister of Voltorre

The monastic art of the Cloister of Voltorre

The Cloister of Voltorre is what remains of an ancient monastic settlement: to get there, visitors must leave the centre of Gavirate and the main residential part of the town, in the direction of Varese.

Studies on the site suggest that the first construction of the monastic complex dates back to the 5th century. A Romanesque church was built over the first building in the 11th century. Most of the remaining complex consists of the Cloister located behind the church, built in the 12th century by Lanfranco da Ligurno.

The ancient bell tower, still visible today, was built at the same time. Today, this beautiful example of Romanesque art houses exhibitions of modern art. Its proximity to the pedestrian/bicycle trail makes it a very interesting destination for cyclists and families.

Voltorre, however, is also located near some of the most demanding routes that go back uphill towards Campo dei Fiori, and are particularly suited to avid mountain bikers. The cloister is open to the public.

For info: www.provincia.va.it

Take me here: The Cloister of Voltorre

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The Cloister of Voltorre

The monastic art of the Cloister of Voltorre
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