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Bruschera Oasis

On the shore of Lake Maggiore, it is a small paradise, a place of passage and nesting of various species of birds.
  • Active & Green
Visit the Bruschera Oasis and the cane thickets on Lake Maggiore

10 Good reasons to visit Varese

  • Lifestyle
Varese Palazzo Estense

Tour of Panperduto


Appiano Gentile and Tradate Pinewood Regional Park

A plain-forest, lively and rich in naturalness, in forestry, agricultural and social activities
  • Parks
Appiano Gentile and Tradate Pinewoods Park

Prehistoric Alpine Stilt Houses

Prehistoric design and daily life in the World Heritage archaeological sites
  • Unesco Sites
Prehistoric Alpine Stilt Houses, cradle of society

San Pietro a Gemonio

This church is one of the points that remain more etched in the memory of the travelers who travel the Varese-Laveno
  • Art & Culture
San Pietro a Gemonio and the Salvini Museum in Cocquio Trevisago

Lake Maggiore, a golfer’s paradise

Nature, sport and a lot of fun awaits you in the wonderful setting of Lake Maggiore, where you can enjoy a dream golf holiday
  • Golf
Le Robinie Golf Club Resort

Lake Maggiore

The Doll Museum. The villages and the districts. Trekking, horse riding and water sports. Advice for experiencing Lake Maggiore
  • Rivers
Vivere il Lago Maggiore