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Monument Varese

Stately homes, religious buildings, fortifications and UNESCO treasures among the beauties of Varese and its surroundings

Monument Varese, what to see in this unique land? A wide range of historical structures, churches and museums that art enthusiasts will certainly appreciate. 

There are lots of things to see in Varese that will captivate you. Gardens and aristocratic mansions can be reached by walking around downtown. There you can go to the building that hosts the public Music Lyceum, not far from there lie the Luigi Zanzi Park and the Campo dei Fiori Regionale, a lush green area. 

Palazzo Estense is a monument in Varese that was commissioned by Francesco III d'Este, Duke of Modena, and has a garden that connects it to Villa Mirabello. 

Don't forget any monument that comprises the Sacro Monte,  a series of 14 votive chapels that recount the mysteries of the Rosary and lead towards a splendid sanctuary protected by Unesco. 

You can also visit the Collegiate Basilica of San Vittore and the Batipstery of Saint John next to it. 

Go outside the city and admire the inspiring Recalcati villas of Casbeno. Casalzuigno counts with the monument of Porta Bozzolo while the Litta Panza mansion is a location for permanent contemporary art exhibitions. 

Take the time to go Angera and gaze upon the fortified Rocca Borromeo and the Dolls Museum. 

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Monument Varese

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