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Wine and Flavor Trail Varese Valleys

It extends in the northern part of the Province of Varese, to the north of the capital city up to the border with the Swiss territory offering the opportunity to learn about the typical products and to discover the beauties of the landscape of the valleys and lakes
  • Food & Wine
Wine and Flavor Trail of Varese Valleys, discover them

10 Good reasons to visit Varese

  • Lifestyle
Varese Palazzo Estense

Mount S. Giacomo, the highest peak of the Ticino Park

  • Itinerari
Mount S. Giacomo, the highest peak of the Ticino Park

Castles, vineyards and lakes across the moraine hills

  • Itinerari
Castelli, vigne e laghi attraverso le colline moreniche

Museum Varese

Mummies, archaeological finds, design, ancient and contemporary art: museums to suit all tastes!
  • Art & Culture
Museum Varese, what to see?

Bike trail of Lake Varese

The spearhead of Lake Varese.
  • Cycle Tourism
Varese Lake: bike trail and Isolino Virginia

In Valganna

Saints, pilgrims, artisans and master brewers
  • Itinerari
In Valganna

Lago Maggiore Pennellate d'artista

Trompe l’oeil frescos, five centuries of pictorial cycles, spontaneous and organised murals: colour is everywhere in and around Laveno Mombello
  • Rivers
Lago Maggiore Pennellate d'artista