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From Lake Maggiore to Po River

Art Nouveau friezes, museum bread and cycleways along river banks

Journeying on to the Po, the scenery switches from Belle Époque to a rural world that is still thriving

The first part, in the Varese area, presents the only elevation differences, although they are not particularly strenuous.

The next day, you enter the Milan area, along the picturesque Naviglio Grande cycleway towards the farms in the Parco Agricolo in the south of Milan.

On the third day, you reach the province of Lodi with its Romanesque churches, vineyards and protected areas.


  1. The Art Nouveau villas in Luino, overlooking Lake Maggiore, which has a Belle Époque atmosphere. The best view is from Via Dante.
  2. Arcumeggia, the most famous of the painted villages in the Varese area, featuring over 50 frescoes by contemporary artists.
  3. The wooden walkway along the Lago di Comabbio, which is best-suited to mountain bikes.
  4. The Monsorino archaeological area in Golasecca, which contains remains dating back to the Iron Age.
  5. The Naviglio Grande cycleway between Turbigo and Robecco sul Naviglio. The canal, which is still in use, was created in order to transport grain, timber and marble from Lake Maggiore to Darsena in Milan, for the construction of the Fabbrica del Duomo.
  6. The Lombard Romanesque style Basilica di San Bassiano, which stands alone in the countryside just outside Lodi Vecchio.
  7. The Museo del Pane at the Castello Morando Bolognini di Sant’Angelo Lodigiano, which, with its real artefacts and bread from all over Italy, explores the work of bakers.
  8. The San Colombano vineyards in Lambro which are home to the DOC wines nearest Milan, surrounded by hills that are very popular with cyclists.
  9. The six hundred pairs of magnificent birds (gray herons and little egrets) that nest in the heronry in the Monticchie natural reserve, in the municipality of Somaglia.
  10. The Colatore Venere “Greenway” between Livraga and the main bank of the Po, where you can ride a mountain bike.

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From Lake Maggiore to Po River

Art Nouveau friezes, museum bread and cycleways along river banks
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