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10 Good reasons to visit Varese

We would like to propose 10 good reasons to visit Varese. The following gallery will provide ten suggestions to come, obviously you will probably find out that there are many more once you stay here. 

Due to numerous gardens commissioned by noble families for their mansions, it has been awarded the nickname of Garden-City. It boasts public parks of all shapes and sizes, with all the necessary installations to go for a pic nic and routes to discover their monumental trees. 

Going out of the city, head to the boroughs of Arcumeggia, Boarezzo or Marchiolo, authentic open air museums, with frescoes and murales painted on the street walls narrate these places' history and traditions.  

Whoever seeks active vacations will be able to practice trekking, skiing and water sports in the mounts and lakes that surround this borderland. At Campo dei Fiori you can explore a series of caves carved out of a karstic effect, leading to an extensive underground tunnel network. 

Workout and culture blend with an inspiring walk to the Santa Caterina del Sasso Hermitage in Legguino, perched on the rock facing Lake Maggiore.  

Furthermore, the Sacro Monte is one of nine UNESCO Heritage Sites Lombardy counts with. 

Browse our list and prepare to journey to this part of the Region. 

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10 Good reasons to visit Varese

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