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Cultural journey through Lake Maggiore

From: Stazione ferroviaria
To: Luino
2 ore
Uphill: 0m

Before you set off we recommend a visit to Leggiano, to Eremo di Santa Caterina del Sasso, one of Varese province’s most fascinating sites. From this small but historic hilltop hermitage, reachable by boat or a panoramic flight of steps, the views over Lake Maggiore are incredible.

After this brief excursion you can get to Laveno Mombello, the starting point of the cycle route. In the past it was an important ceramics production centre and Società della Ceramica Italiana was founded right here. An important Lake Maggiore port, Laveno Mombello is dominated by Mt Sasso del Ferro which you can get to on its historic cable car for breathtaking views.


Leaving Laveno Mombello in the direction of Luino takes you to Casalzuigno, where you can stop off at Villa Della Porta Bozzolo. This historic building was erected in the second half of the 16th century and became a ‘villa di delizie’ in the 18th century. In 1989 it was donated to FAI by the Bozzolo family. It is its luxuriant external garden which stands out most, with its great variety of flowers and plants. There are rose events every year which transform the park into a multicoloured palette.


Getting back on your bike, it is worth stopping off at Cassano Valcuvia, too, with its Cadorna Line remains and Documentary Centre set up to commemorate the area's history. During World War Two, this was the site of the Battle of San Martino between German troops and partisans and there are still many signs of the Northern Frontier Line built during World War One to be seen on the mountain side.


You can then return in the direction of Luino. At the entry to this important Lake Maggiore tourism resort, you can visit Chiesa della Madonna del Carmine. 




If you organise your trip for a Wednesday, moreover, you will also see the famous international market held in Luino since 1541. Just a short distance away is Lake Verbania, one of the town's most stylish buildings and headquarters of the Piero Chiara and Vittorio Sereni literary archive, as well as the tourist office for information on events and dates.




prima tappa:  Eremo di Santa Caterina del Sasso

seconda tappa: Laveno

terza tappa: Villa Della Porta Bozzolo a Casalzuigno

quarta tappa: Linea Cadorna a Cassano Valcuvia

quinta tappa: Luino

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